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Designed from the inside out
The Rambo® Micklem Multibridle is the first bridle or cavesson that is designed from the inside out, from the shape of the skull itself, instead of just from the outward appearance of the head. (Figure 1) In particular it avoids any pressure on the fa-cial nerves, the projec-ting cheek bones or the upper jaw molar teeth.

  Therefore this prevents the sed, both to facial nerves and the sensitive tissues lining the cheeks inside the mouth, by tight fitting cavesson and flash nosebands or many bitless bridldamage and discomfort that is frequently caues. The main rea-son for this is obvious to see when looking at the skull of a horse. (Figure 2)

The top jaw is considerably wider than the lower jaw and this is true of all horses. The inside of the cheeks are therefore of-ten squashed, bruised and lacerated between the outer edge of the upper jaw teeth on one side and the flash noseband or bitless bridle pressing inwards on the other side. In addition we need to avoid pressure on the delicate, fragile bones at the end of the nose.(Figure3)

  The Rambo® Micklem Multibridle overcomes all these main areas of discomfort, as well as overcoming the inherent dan-ger of lunging off a bridle, or discomfort caused by trying to fit a bridle and lunge cavesson together.
It also provides a great solution for the many horses who resist because of pain around the frequently damaged bars of the mouth, or hate too much pressure on the tongue and as a result fight the contact or get their tongue over the bit. In addition the weight of the bridle is taken comfortably on a wide and padded headpiece, rather than all the weight going on one nar-row noseband strap. The advantages are numerous and your horses will love the difference.